Rock Clark


Professional Mounted Shooter

Columbia, TN

Horse name: Joker

Age: 13 year old 

Breed: Paint

What makes your horses(s) special?:

 They all do their best to please.

Career Highlights:

Watching my son set his first record. My National and Eastern Championships, and knowing that my horses are well known.

What makes your discipline difficult?: Riding, shooting, and turning at a fast speed with just one hand while all these things are happening at one time. If you think that’s easy, come on over and we will let you try it.

What is the most rewarding thing about having horses?:  When you give a child a ride and the smile on their faces. That makes my day.

Favorite quote to live by: “Those who give should forget and those who receive should never forget.”

Why do you feed Cetyl M: First and most important, it keeps all my horses’ joints in the best condition possible. If they feel good, it gives you the best chance at winning. Second, a good horse is hard to come by, and Cetyl M gives my horses a longer, competitive life. Third, Cetyl M gives them comfort during retirement, which they all deserve. It also helps our Labrador Retriever and myself. It just works. Trust me, I can see the difference when the product isn’t used on a regular basis.