Michele McLeod


Professional Barrel Racer & Trainer

Whitesboro, TX

Horse(s) name/age/breed: Slick By Design “Slick”/ 6 year old stallion  |  Kellies Chick “Skye”/ 5 year old mare

What makes your horses special?: Slick had knee surgery in December of 2012. He has a great personality and temperament and loves to run barrels. He has a ton of try and grit! Skye is incredibly talented with a big heart.

Career Highlights:

Ft. Smith Derby Champion

NFR Qualifier

Won $19,200 at Cheyenne & ended up Reserve Champion

Won Nampa, ID, Colorado Springs, CO, Guymon, OK, Hermiston, OR, Omaha, NE, Belle Fouche, SD, Laramie, WY, and Missoula, MT Rodeos

What makes your discipline difficult?: All of the long hours on the road and having to run several times in a day or everyday for a week. Dealing with ground conditions (deep, hard, or muddy) also makes it difficult.

What is the most rewarding thing about having horses?: The relationship you develop with each individual horse.

Favorite Quote to Live by: “Don’t tell people your dreams, show them!”

Why do you feed Cetyl M?: “I feed it for the joint and muscle support. I also personally use the CM Response capsules and if I stop taking them for a few days I feel a huge difference!”