Emily Efurd


Professional Barrel Racer

Stephenville, TX 

Horse(s) name/age: Perks Alive N 75 “Mia” / 7 year old   |  Dora’s Special Dream “DeeDee” / 12 year old 

Breed: Both Mare

What makes your horses(s) special?: Most of the horses I run are bred and raised by my grandparents, and that makes it so much more special when I win; to know all our hard work has paid off.

Career Highlights:

National High School Finals Rodeo Qualifier

2012 WPRA Rookie of the Year

Josey Reunion Champion

2x Josey Jr World Reserve Champion

What makes your discipline difficult?: Barrel racing at the professional level requires not just a good horse, but one of the best horses out there. It doesn’t matter how good of a rider you are, if you don’t have the horsepower, you can’t get as far as you would like.

What is the most rewarding thing about having horses?: Horses are the best friends you could ever have!

Favorite quote to live by: “Winners train until they can win, champions train until they cannot fail.”

Why do you feed Cetyl M: I always expect my horses to perform their best and Cetyl M allows them to do that by keeping them at the top of their game.