Dana Ballard


Dana Ballard | Marketing Coordinator

Bachelor of Science in Agri-Life and Veterinary Entomology and a  Masters of Science in Animal Science Equine Emphasis

Certificates: Certified Veterinary Technician and AI Technician

 Hometown: San Antonio, TX

 Current Location:Stephenville, TX

 Length of Time at Response Products: Started in August 2015

I’m an avid hunter and fisher.  I love to cook, garden and spend as much time outside that I can enjoying life. I love traveling to new locations and experiencing the culture and history there. 

Your Pet Family:
Dogs: my cattle dog an Australian Sheppard Catahoula cross is 4 years old and my newest baby is a Hungarian Vizsla and she just turned 6 months old.

Cat: I have an indoor cat, we affectionately call our Halloween cat; he is sold black and has tons of energy. He loves Advanced Cetyl M for Cats.

Horses: I have three horses.  My old man of the crew is a 20 year old APHA who loves trail courses, cattle and just long rides.  My 7 year old AQHA point mare is currently being a horse but at the beginning of 2016 will be sent off to reining and cutting training for 6 months for a refresher course.  My baby just turned 2 AQHA Dunskin filly; just started her under saddle and will be sent to cutting and reining training in early 2016 as well.