Cody Clark


Professional Mounted Shooter

Columbia, TN

Horse name: Gin

Age: 11 year old

Breed: Quarter Horse

What makes your horses(s) special?: He is a freak of an athlete! He has all the moves and turns and great speed for everything in the CMSA. He is the best horse in the CMSA right now, if you ask me! He also has a personality to match. He loves people!

Career Highlights: Seven world records (our eyes are set on more). Also, winning the Cowboy Classic and 2013 Reserve Eastern Champion!

What makes your discipline difficult?: It has so many more factors than any sport that I can think of. It is so hard to make everything click at the right moment. It is a talent to have those things click on a regular basis.

What is the most rewarding thing about having horses?: The companionship is amazing. To have someone there for you that loves you no matter what. I know Gin is always happy to see me, anytime!

Favorite quote to live by: I personally have two. One by Tuff Hedeman, “Cowboy Up” and the other by my Dad, “Listen, pay attention, and you will learn.”

Why do you feed Cetyl M: “It helps the animal that is receiving the supplement perform at their peak! They can run freely. That is worth its weight in gold in my mind. A comfortable animal is a happy animal. That is just as important to me as my health!”