Brad Lund


Professional Working Cow Horse Trainer

LaCygne, KS

Horse(s) name/age: A Little Probability- 11 years old | Smart Express- 13 years old | Very Shiney Remedy-2 years old

Breed: All Quarter Horses

What makes your horses special?: They have to be 3 different horses in one: a cutter, a reiner, and a cowhorse. It takes a special horse to do all of that.

Career Highlights:

8x AQHA World Champion

5x AQHA Reserve World Champion

3 AQHA Superhorse Winners

What makes your discipline difficult?: The horse having to do 3 different events. Putting a cow or steer in your event also makes it tough.

What is the most rewarding thing about having horses?: Starting a 2 year old and getting a finished horse when you are done.

Favorite quote to live by: “Positive thoughts bring positive results.”

Why do you feed Cetyl M?: I feed Cetyl M because my horses have to perform at their best. I know when I feed Cetyl M, my horses feel good and perform well. It has kept my heeling horse going for several years. Without Cetyl M he would be done.”