Betsy Smith

betsyicon.pngBetsy Smith | Regulatory Manager

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Hometown: Broken Bow, NE

Current Location:
I'm originally from Broken Bow, NE. I went to college, and then moved around
quite a bit before settling back in Broken Bow so my husband could buy the family business.
I was lucky enough to become a part of the Response Products four years ago!

Length of Time at Response Products: 4 Years

My family has a cabin at a local lake, so we love spending time there in the summers 
(swimming, fishing, jet-skiing, etc). 
I also love to read, watch movies and most spend my time chasing my kiddos around. 

Your Pet Family:
We have two dogs: one sweet but-hyperactive German short-hair hunting dog named Ace, and one elderly
cantankerous Rat Terrier-Sheltie mixed breed named Jasmine.