Anne Gribbons


US Olympic Dressage Coach

Inductee Into US Dressage Federation Hall of Fame

Chuluota, FL

Animals name/age/breed:

Horse: Let’s Dance/6 year old Deutches Sportspferd by Laurentio

Dog: Kasper/Jack Russel, 2 years old

Horse’s History: I bought and imported him as a three year old. My student rode him for two years under my supervision and started him in competition with nice results.

What makes your horse special?: He has very good, quality gaits and incredible rideability. Plus a great, positive attitude and lots of smarts.

Career Highlights:
Past US Team Rider

Technical Advisor, USEF 2010-2012

US Olympic Dressage Coach

FEI 5* Judge

How old were you when you first got on a horse?: I began riding at 6 years old, rode and competed on everyone else’s horses in jumping, combined training and dressage and never owned my own horse until I was 23 and married.

How long have you been involved in your discipline?: Since I began riding. It is part of your basics in Europe. I have been riding intensively for 40 years.

If you had to compete in a different discipline, which one would you choose and why?: Eventing. It is truly my first love because of the all around training and sportsmanship involved. It is the only discipline which allows you complete satisfaction at the end of the day even if you did not win or place. Just a great run cross country could give you a high for a week!

What person has had the greatest impact on your life when it comes to horses & riding?: Colonel Bengt Ljungquist who was my teacher/mentor for eight years, until he died. I have many others to thank for their loyal support and wisdom, such as Harry Boldt, Herbert Rehbein and Dr. Volker Moritz, but Bengt laid the foundation for my future as a rider and a teacher, and that is what I built on. I can still hear his voice in my ears from time to time. My husband David also has been the most supportive spouse any athlete could ever have, and without his never failing encouragement my life style would not have been possible.

What is your greatest reward from working with horses & having them in your life?: Being able to make a living doing something I love. Never being bored or looking at a watch. Being close with animals who are so beautiful and powerful and at the same time fragile, sensitive, and dependent on us. They never lie to you and when you are fair to them, they respond in kind.

If you could be a horse for a day, what breed would you want to be and why?: A thoroughbred stallion who just won the triple crown. What a life ahead!

Why do you feed Cetyl M?: “Like many people, I tend to be hesitant to endorse any product I am not completely convinced will live up to its promise. When it comes to Cetyl M and other Response Products, I was given plenty of time to experiment and observe what the Advanced Cetyl M Joint Action Formulas could do to benefit my horses. I am a believer in joint supplements because of the demands on mobility and suppleness on our dressage horses in training, and this product is definitely a benefit to my horses, helping them to work in comfort! I have also been using the Cetyl M topical cream which my trainers and groom swear by, and which I use on myself as well, so I know it’s effective.”